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After you’ve exchanged vows and become “Official”, it’s time to celebrate! If you’re going with something a bit different, here are some things to ponder! Will the song be familiar to attending guests? Does it fit each of your personalities? Does the song you’re thinking of have special lyrics you both like? Recessional tunes are typically more upbeat and vary from couple to couple. From traditional tunes to modern classics, here are some of our favorites!

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Most likely, the cocktail hour will be the first chance for your guests to begin mixing and mingling. It’s also a great time to begin to set the mood and get your guests warmed up for things to come. During this segment of your reception, it’s a good idea to put some of your favorite tunes that aren’t quite danceable in the playlist. There are many directions to go with your playlist. Perhaps you’re a fan of “crooners” like Sinatra or Tony Bennett. Into Dave Matthews Band and other acoustic acts? Perfect! Plan a playlist around similar artists. Whether you’re having a party with mostly coworkers or your Great Grandmother is here for your reception, here’s a sample playlist that can handle a diverse crowd. *Many of these songs and ideas can also be used for your dinner playlist.
Showing off your own unique style should be what the Grand Entrance is all about. Whether you have a smaller Wedding Party or you have 10 sets of Bridesmaids, you can make it your own. We can even help if you want snippets of particular songs for each Bridal Party member or a special song just for you. Here are some favorites!
Make the song about you. If you choose to do a First Dance, (most clients do) it is one of the only moments where all eyes are sure to be on you. Time will stand still. Perhaps you’ll pick a song from when you first met. Make sure it has special meaning and create a moment you’ll never forget! From classics to fun, here are some songs that folks have chosen in the past and will hopefully get you thinking about your own!
If you choose to do this special dance, figuring out what song that you both enjoy may prove to be a challenge. Here’s a creative idea. There are numerous great covers based off of classic standards-Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble come to mind. You can both meet in the middle and find a cover that satisfies your modern taste as well as letting your Father enjoy a classic. Here are some ideas to get you started!
Choosing to have a Mother Son Dance at your reception? It’s a tender, sweet moment during the event. Choosing a song that fits both of you will create a special moment that you’ll both remember forever. Have fun picking the song out! Here are some ideas of our own to assist you!
Whether you’re planning a simple, fun, or classy cake cutting element, make sure the music fits your style. You can continue your own theme and convey your style with the songs that are chosen for this. It’s a good idea to have an extra song in mind in case friends and family want to take additional pictures while you’re at the cake. Don’t like cake? No problem! Have a selection of pies instead! (It’s happened!) Another trend that’s extremely popular are cupcakes and a candy station! The possibilities are endless with new takes on this tradition! We can also assist in editing the music and having certain parts play during this event as well! Here are some favorites!
Planning a bouquet toss or something that falls along those lines? This event can be fun and sometimes brings out everyone’s competitive spirit! Typically, it is a high energy moment of the reception! It’s a good idea for the music to reflect it. Here’s a list of songs that will definitely work for this!
If you’re choosing to do a Garter Toss at your reception, here are some musical choices to enhance it. Depending on your taste, some songs can illicit fun reactions with certain guests. Here are some song ideas to get you started!
End the night with your favorite song to dance to!
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By consulting and planning extensively, we work to get a taste of what couples like and dislike musically. This also helps to get a feel of what friends and guests might enjoy. Once it’s officially time to kick things off, it’s always nice to see different generations together on the dance floor!
Ensuring that our clients vision is fulfilled and exceeding their expectations is our goal. Keeping the guests happy and dancing is the next goal. The following songs serve as a good way to “read” the crowd, check their energy level, and see what everyone is feeling.

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