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Great question! Our goal is to create outstanding, next level experiences for our clients. As DJs, we take great pride in our craft and in our ability to deliver results. We want to create a soundtrack for your event that will make you smile, laugh, cry (in a good way!), and DANCE LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE!

Need another reason?  You want seasoned DJs who’ve worked with crowds from 50 to 5000, and ages 7 to 100.

This is the number one question we receive and usually is asked before we’re available on a certain date. It makes sense that folks ask this so that they know if we fit into their entertainment budget. We have packages that begin at $595. We’ve never had a client tell us they chose us because we were affordable. We believe that spending more time with our clients personalizing and creating an amazing event for them and their guests justifies any additional cost. We believe if you take the time to meet and discover why we’re different than the average DJ you’ll appreciate the value of the services we provide.

We’re hip, stylish, and not what you think of when mentioning to your friends what a Wedding or other private event DJ is. Also, the amount of time we spend with you to create a spectacular event is different than DJ’s who just show up at an event and wait for you to tell them what to do. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

For sure! We keep the spotlight on you if it’s a Wedding, and for any event will eloquently make all announcements and introductions. Our style errs on the side of subtlety to keep the focus on the event and music.

Everything is customizable and based on your own tastes.

For Weddings, and particularly for Cocktails & dinner music, most folks opt for Jazz standards like Sinatra & even the new flavors like Buble & Connick. Some go with a doc wop or soft rock groove. In any scenario, we’ll mix it together seamlessly to create the vibe for an amazing event, with an awesome dance party for you and your guests!

Yes! We believe it’s important to get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit to work with. Whether it’s over the phone, through a virtual meeting , or in person we’re happy to do it!

Absolutely. We’re happy to provide copies as needed and create any additional insured entities as needed. Additionally, our contracts won’t include any fine print or confusing legal wording. You’ll see all the fees up front.

No way! We’re not there to advertise our services to your guests. If your guests are curious as to what we do and who we are, they’ll simply come up and ask.

We’ll never sit down and eat in front of your guests unless you absolutely insist. We’ll never drink alcohol or take a smoke break either.

You can take a totally hands-on approach or let us help you! We’re more than happy to play any special “must-play” songs or requests. We’ll never require you to go on our music planning site and choose all of the music that you want. If you’d like us to assist you in what songs work based on your own musical tastes we’ll help! If you can’t find the song, we’ll be sure to comb our own network of other DJs and entertainers to find the song that you’re thinking of.

We need a small retainer fee of $100. The balance doesn’t have to be paid until the day of the event. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.

Stylish and hip, but not over the top. We’ve noticed recently the new trend with entertainment providers has been to wear a stylish suit and tie, instead of the more traditional tuxedo. However, if your affair is black tie only, you can be sure we’ll dress to impress!

It depends on the package you choose. As a general rule of thumb, our overtime rate is $100 per half hour.

Absolutely! We’re traditionally within 2 hours of Winston-Salem for our events, but have traveled up and down the East Coast to places like Boston, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, and even New York City. Travel fees are assessed on a case by case event basis.

We believe in quality products and use concert quality, tour grade equipment. Our standard packages feature full-range QSC K-series & ElectroVoice (EV) loudspeakers, Technics 1200 turntables/Pioneer DJ controllers, and Rane & Pioneer mixers.

From the beginning, you’ll be paired with your DJ to plan your event from the start. In the very extreme event there’s an emergency, High Impact Entertainment consists of 6 talented DJs, so there’s always a backup plan and built in redundancy with our equipment.

If you like what you’ve read, then please contact us and find out if we’re available for your event. We can then meet with you so you can audition our services and see if we’re the right fit for your event!

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