We’re halfway through 2019, and with a bunch of Weddings wrapped up already this year, here’s what we’re seeing with couples and how they’re creating their own unique spins on Weddings.

Playlists, playlists, playlists

We see with almost every couple we work with how involved and detailed they are with every facet of their Wedding. This includes creating playlists from music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon music. Couples should definitely create playlists based on their own tastes and use these great services. Don’t use a streaming service? No problem! We have our own online tools that helps you create playlists.

Our style of DJing (mixing songs together back to back to create dance floor energy)  doesn’t require set playlists. We also don’t come in with a set plan to play songs one right after the other during the dance party portion of a Wedding. BUT, we do mix your dance floor playlists to create the best possible party vibe and atmosphere.

Guests Care About Music Too!

We believe in data, and a recent WeddingWire survey found that 95% of guests say that Wedding music will determine how much fun they will have during a reception. Remember, guests don’t and won’t remember if they chose chicken or steak for their meal, but they will remember the entertainment!

Dance Floor Props!

We’re not talking about cheesy blow up guitars and pianos from Party City, but rather props that range from personal photos of couples placed on sticks for guests to hold, to tables filled with glow sticks and cool sunglasses. Guests like it as it adds an additional element of fun to the party and indicates to them that the dance floor is the place to be.

90’s & Early 2K Music is HUGE!

NSYNC? Backstreet Boys? Spice Girls? I’m sure you know some of these 90’s groups lyrics by heart-don’t kid yourself! Songs from groups like this are great sing-a-longs, and they’re totally in style right now. Here are 3 songs that are getting great reactions and you should totally rock out to right now! All Star by Smash Mouth, Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC and I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys. Want a little 90’s flair for your decor too? Try disposable cameras or a candy bar with 90’s themed candy like Fun Dip and Pop Rocks.

Minimal Group Dances 

Group dances are largely love/hate for most couples. How couples bridge the gap of getting what they want along with taking care of their guests is to pick a couple that they know their crowd would like to hear-the Cha Cha Slide and Apache are two that are common of late. In general though, they’re sprinkled very lightly into the dance music portion of Weddings, if at all. But, if you and your crowd are going to like ‘em, go for it! Cultural dances like the hora or specific ethnic dances (think Polkas) don’t apply, since these are very specific and get guests on to the floor to celebrate with the newlyweds.

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