Here are some tips that are invaluable when you’re booking a DJ as well as when you’re in the process of planning a Wedding with your DJ.

Get Involved In Selecting Your Wedding Music! Important Wedding Songs

The best DJs will get to know your musical likes and dislikes. Those same DJs should allow you to log on to a portal and select your music. The day is about you, so the music should be about you, your fiance, your family and close guests.

Being involved in selecting your Wedding music is important because it ensures you get the type of sound and vibe at your Wedding you’ve always dreamed about. It’s as easy as being on your Macbook, PC, phone or tablet with us. You can literally log in from anywhere and begin selecting music with our online music tools.

Do Not Play Music Lists Lack Of A Do Not Play List

As you’re putting together a list of songs that you love, we also have tools to help create your DO NOT PLAY lists.

Does hearing a particular line dance make you cringe? Don’t like hearing the same old Wedding music? We separate ourselves from other DJs that combines our experience and what we’ve seen at well over 500 Weddings by helping you create a vibe that’s customized exactly to you want.

Trying To Save Money On Your DJ Affordable DJs in North Carolina

We get it-money’s important. But is it worth it to take a chance and save money by hiring the “best priced” DJ?  Does it make any sense that you spent anywhere from on average $2-10K on your Wedding venue but want to hire a “cheap” DJ? Don’t cut corners on your Wedding entertainment. Here are over 140 reviews and evidence that show why we’re an attractive and affordable option that can fit into your budget.

Cheap DJ setup Hiring An Amateur Wedding DJ

Your typical DJ who advertises on Craigslist, posts on Facebook Wedding groups and only has a Facebook page is doing it to make a few extra dollars. Nothing wrong with making more money, except when it could be at your expense. Why? We still hear stories frequently about DJs cancelling days before an event when they find a better event to work, equipment breaking, and in general really poor performances. Companies with little investment in clients really don’t care, and they’ll go to the next person who calls upon them and sees their too good to be true price. Most DJs in this category range in price from $100-500.

Poor Visuals & DJ Setups Bad DJ Setups

Hiring an amateur wedding DJ may net you setups that look like this. You’ll spend in some cases thousands of dollars on decor. Would you want something like these examples at your event?

Book at least 5 minutes to chat with your DJ! meeting a DJ

Meeting with your DJ is the right thing to do, and the best way to get to know their personality. If you don’t live nearby and would like to vet them from a remote location, schedule a call or hop on to a virtual meeting. Meeting with us goes a long way in letting you know that you are in great hands and have made the right decision. No cheesy sales pitches from us either-just good data and facts to help you make the right decision.

DJ and MC in North CarolinaThinking That A Wedding DJ “Just” Plays Music

Most folks think all a DJ does is play music and makes a few announcements. In reality, pushing buttons is around 1/100th of what we do.  Check out some of the things that we take care of when you work with us.

-Music research and playlist creation

-Unlimited consults about your entire Wedding timeline

-Work with your planner/coordinator seamlessly throughout the planning process

-Providing complete MC duties

-Playing the right songs at the right times

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