Here are some “tough” questions that we get asked fairly often. Here are some of our answers and comments on them! 
Have you performed at any clubs, lounges, or with any corporate clients in addition to Weddings?

Finding a well-rounded, successful DJ who can bring expertise and versatility to your event is important. A part-timer who may be one-dimensional or part of a “Wedding Mill” might not be your best option for your entertainment. A performer who has varied and extensive experience performing in front of different (and tough) audiences not just at Weddings but at other events is key.

How do you customize the music for each couple? Can you help with song lists and provide suggestions for us?

Creating a soundtrack for your Wedding that is based on your style, taste, and vision is of paramount importance to us. Cookie cutterism and the “one size fits all ” mindset is definitely not us. If you want to have a mosh pit at your Wedding, we can deliver that and anything else you want. Alright, that’s pretty extreme, but hey, we did get to sneak in some Coheed & Cambria at last weekends Wedding per the Bride and Groom’s request. Yup, they headbanged to it!

We’ll also gladly accept your Must-Play and Do-Not-Play lists, no matter how short or long they are. You can even create them all online and have other guests request songs via our online planning system. We tell you from the first meeting on that you’re totally in control of the music that will be played. The easiest part is coming up with what songs to play. Determining where to place those songs throughout the evening and how we can make it fit into your own unique vision and theme is where the DJ art form comes into play.

How do you get the crowd pumped?

There are all kinds of methods and incentives that we can do to encourage guests to get onto the dance floor. It could be asking couples to join the newlyweds for the Anniversary Dance or playing a meaningful throwback song from the Grooms college days.

Even though we strongly discourage other clients to come to our private events to see us perform, we do have sample mixes on the site and can even demonstrate live how our mixing style differs from the prototypical Wedding & Event DJ.

Understanding how to read a crowd, build up the energy and then keep it there is a skill that we utilize. There should never be a lull-especially after the Open Dancing starts. Blending all sorts of genres to accommodate everyone and keep them on the dance floor is what we excel at.

How do you handle song requests?

Striking a balance to deliver on your own musical tastes and also still satisfying the guests’ requests is something that’s important to us.

These discussions about music and requests are all handled during the planning process. Collectively, we figure out what you desire and how much input you would like your Guests to have with requests.

Can I hear some examples of mixing and blending different tracks?

Absolutely! A competent DJ should be able to blend and mix songs seamlessly. You really shouldn’t be able to notice how one song flows into another. However, when mixing is done incorrectly, you’ll know when it happens instantly. It could be a “train wreck” of 2 songs that either are in the wrong musical key or the tempos aren’t matched. Or, it could be “dead air” from when a song is waiting to be played and not cued (like you might hear on your iPod). Yea, this shouldn’t be happening, but it still does.

What sound equipment do you utilize? Do you have back-up equipment?

DJ equipment is just as important as musical instruments. Using real turntables allows us to have hands-on control of the music and the ability to manipulate it instantly. A simple touch can change the sound, speed, and tone. With our completely digital system, you won’t have to worry about anything skipping on a CD.

Utilizing some of the top names in the industry like Serato DJ, QSC speakers and Rane mixers, you will hear every word and announcement crisply and at a level where guests will still be able to talk at their tables while others are showing off their latest moves on the dance floor.

Backup equipment is also essential. DJs should always carry a “flat repair kit” to their gig, whether it be a microphone, computer, spare hard drive, or extra mixer. We usually arrive at a minimum of 60 minutes and usually 2 hours before the actual “Start Time.”

10. Why should I choose you as my Wedding DJ?

Our previous clients reviews are our best marketing tool and “why” we’re a great choice for your next event. A good predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and I think our reviews speak for themselves in that regard. Our personality, professionalism, lighting and sound equipment is the icing on the cake.