WeddingWire Awards

Average CostsOn your big day, we’ll make sure the spotlight is centered on you! We also feel choosing your entertainment is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Performing at weddings for over a decade combined with extensive experience in nightclubs and lounges sets us apart. Honing the skills to pack a dance floor and keep it that way is a staple within the nightclub and bar industry. This translates directly to the wedding industry. The knowledge of songs and genres from the Swing Era to the current state of music is another important factor to be considered.

Veteran experience means we can help take the stress away from figuring out what musical choices work and can help advise with song selections that fit your taste and also make sense for your family and friends attending.

Wedding StatsWe’ll be mindful of your decor and will never have unsightly cables or equipment showing. We combine new school digital software and concert quality mixers with old school turntables. Our setup and footprint is sleek and modern. We’re stylish, hip, and will deliver nightclub style mixing to keep your dance floor going all evening.

We’ll also make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time by directing and coordinating with other vendors. You won’t have to worry about your photographer or videographer missing a shot since we’ll ensure they’re ready when you are. We work with your other vendors before and during the event so all the details are followed through smoothly.

We’re fun, but professional. We won’t embarrass you or your guests with skits or comedy bits. Our goal is to help you make your wedding the best party you’ve ever attended.

Why else do we feel we’re worthy of your entertainment dollar? HERE are a few reasons why we think we’re a great fit for you. What package fits you?