More Tips & Tricks When Planning Your Big Day

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Tips & Tricks

It’s about that time again to give you some more Tips & Tricks when planning your event. Most of these tips can be translated to not only Weddings but other Parties as well. So, here we go!

1. Create A Theme That Reflects Your Personality– If you’re wanting a Vintage look or even Camo vests for all your Groomsmen, go for it. College sweethearts? Perhaps have a photo of the two of you at each table with your favorite locations from your respective college towns.

2.Involve People Important To You– As long as a friend or family member is willing and you’re comfortable giving them with a task, invite them to help. It could be as simple as someone being the point person for guests who may get lost on their way to the Ceremony or Reception. Just make sure the person who’s in charge of this actually knows their way around!

3. Music– This always has to be brought up and reiterated since I’m a DJ. Sorry! This again ties directly in with planning and talking openly about your own expectations for the Event. Particularly for Weddings, it’s usually a good idea to musically paint with a broad brush due to the many different generations of family and friends who are attending. Even though Radiohead and Of Monsters and Men (no disrespect to these great bands) may sound amazing on your iPod, it might be best to have their songs played during Cocktail or Dinner. Choosing upbeat and more well known songs really helps to ensure a great time on the dance floor. You certainly don’t have to hear every Cheesy song in the book to have a good time, but generally speaking it’s important to keep music familiar to encourage dancing, particularly at Weddings. Moving chronologically from the hits of yesteryear to the hits of today is also a handy idea to keep in mind. It keeps your more mature guests happy and builds anticipation for things to come later in the night.

4. Dinner Fun– Having a few extra courses that might take some extra time? No problem. Photo Booths are super trendy to have at an Event and can help your guests keep busy during dinner. It’s also a good idea to have the Booth in the same room as the rest of the activities so everyone can still have a great time without leaving the area to go do something else. Sink-a-put can also be a fun activity for the golf  enthusiasts in your group.

5. Be Careful With Your Table Visits– This one can be touchy to talk about. But let’s talk about it. Your family may insist that you visit each table or you may want to personally greet each guest during dinner. No problem. This is certainly a great thing to do, but if you’re not careful it can potentially throw your whole timeline. Here’s a quick example: If you invite 250 people to your Wedding, you’re looking at 25 Tables with 10 chairs around each one. Even if you spend just 2 minutes at each table to greet everyone (12 seconds per person for the Math whizzes out there) it would take you 50 minutes to do it. Sure, not every person will be at the table, but realistically you’re also not going to talk to each guest for just 12 seconds. The time it takes you to do this can easily double to 100 minutes. Here are some workarounds to this common problem:

  • Have a list ready in your head or written down and visit who you feel would be the most important guests to thank and people who may be particularly wanting to have you greet them at the table.
  • Eat dinner immediately and then head out on your Meet & Greets.
  • Greet your friends and younger family members on the dance floor, bar or at the after party instead of at the table.

Food for ThoughtWith me being the “Devil’s Advocate” in some of these scenarios, hopefully it can make you think about planning in a different light and help to make your event the best it can be. That’s enough food for thought for now, but I’m still hungry…

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