Guest Post-Working with the Maestros of Music

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One of the main jobs of an event planner is to take a clients vision and turn it into a work of art, creating a unique, memorable experience. While lighting, draping and pristine coordination are all components that aid in bringing a vision to life, one of the most forgotten pieces, music, can make or break any event. 

Let’s Set the Scene…

We’ve seen it a million times, a client walks into their event excited for the end result, the beautiful draping that transformed their drab banquet hall into a masterpiece, the lighting and centerpieces placed in just the right places, every minute detail put together. But, as soon as the DJ walks in, sets up and begins playing, their dream of a wonderland is transformed into a mosh pit.

Working with the DJ is one of the most important components that even the most seasoned event planners can forget to focus in on simply because they are to busy coordinating everything else. Here are three tried and true tips to ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch by working hand in hand with that musical master at the helm.

Build a Relationship

If you want to give your clients an event to remember, solidifying a relationship with the DJ is the perfect place to start. How can anyone expect to compromise or work together when neither party truly knows each other! Building a professional relationship with the DJ is imperative if you want to have a successful event. Not only should you have this vendor at the top of your “get to know” list, you should be checking in periodically with them from the moment they sign on to lead the entertainment.

For event planners, learn about musical tastes and personality traits of your DJ prior to the event. This way, you can coordinate with your DJ well enough on specific tracks and other musical elements to aid in creating a perfect event. Likewise, DJs should try to learn about the traits of the event planners that they are working with so that compromising won’t become an issue and functioning together to help cultivate an amazing event will become more like two friends working with each other rather than two vendors attempting to make everything work for the sake of their client.

Create a theme

Every wedding or event includes some form of a theme created by the client and event planner alike. A theme functions to provide a sense of focus and organization amongst all parties and as such, will always play an important role within the overall project. Lighting, table set up and even dress code all function seamlessly to push a vision, and music, is no exception. Working with the DJ to create a themed playlist is a perfect way to keep the guests at your event encompassed within an experience.

Is the wedding a winter wonderland fairytale? Create a playlist that includes classical tracks, which exude magic and sophistication. Having a launch party to celebrate a new summer clothing line? Fashion a list of deep beats and modern lyricism to push attendees into the mood of high fashion and vogue entertainment.

If the DJ and planner haven’t built a relationship, then there is a risk of ruining an event with improper music, lighting etc. But, by keeping in constant communication and designing a themed playlist, you can make all the difference and can create a memorable event.

Making it Special

The last step in the formula is really the simplest, “make it special”. DJs and event planners have the ability to turn any wedding or event into a gem. A popular themed playlist and a comfortable relationship are the perfect stepping-stones to success. But, now comes the time when it’s up to you and your music maestro to breathe life into the vision you helped design.

Adding unique touches such as a custom first dance song for a newlywed couple or ensuring that a particular line dance song (Anyone down for a Thriller flash dance?) gets blasted through the speakers during the night are perfect ways for you and your DJ to become the talk of the guests and your clients top referral for years to come.

Work with the DJ and client to incorporate song specific surprise shout outs to special guests at an event or establish that last song of the night to be the newlywed couple’s first song they danced together to on the night they met. You and your DJ should personalize every detail, track and beat to make that wedding or event the epitome of perfection to you, your clients, vendors and all the invited guests.

These are the steps to the staircase of success when coordinating a memorable event, build a relationship, create a theme and make it special. Event planners, DJs and other vendors are working to fabricate a memory, from scratch. We are responsible for crafting a vision into reality for our client, taking the mundane and transforming it into the amazing.  But, in order to successfully implement our expertise and push each other to the top, we have to work together. A DJ is the forefront of your event; he or she can make or break the entire dream. Follow these components and you will fashion an event that will keep everyone talking for years to come.

Kierra Barnes is an experienced event and wedding coordinator. She is the owner of Je T’aime Event Productions, a nationwide event and wedding planning firm based in Denver, CO. For additional information, please visit




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