Guest Post-Choosing A Wedding Photographer At Your Wedding

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Wedding CoupleOur friends from across the pond gave us some great insight to share with you when you’re choosing a Wedding Photographer. James from Kerry James Photography has worked creatively in Photography with both moving images and stills for many years. He also considers himself to be a bit of a Photoshop whiz.

Now, on to the content!

Research – Essential in ensuring you find the right photographer for you.

The first step you should take when looking for a Wedding Photographer is to research. Wedding photography has greatly changed over the last twenty years or so, and you will be surprised to see the different types of photography styles that have blossomed. Once you grasp the styles available, decide together as a couple what style it is you expect for your wedding.

Review the photographer – Essential in ensuring photographer quality

Photographer galleries will obviously only show their best work, so make sure you view a variety of Weddings that the photographer has captured to make sure the quality of photography is consistent. It is also useful to find out if a photographer has any awards or memberships to professional photography bodies. Additionally, review how consistently a photographer is being used for weddings. Although this doesn’t solely determine how good the photographer is, it does give you an indication as to whether the photographer is popular or not.

Communicate – Essential in ensuring what you’re after is captured on the day.

It is very important to communicate with the photographer as a couple. Share your goals and what you want to achieve with them. Consider the professionalism and organization of the photographer on your wedding day. An experienced wedding photographer understands that he or she shouldn’t be too involved in the day. To capture the day fully, the photographer needs to be silent and hidden. This will then reflect in the photography to give you a seamless feel.

Budgeting – Essential in ensuring how much you should spend

A professional wedding photographer will be able to help you determine what is the right budget and package for you. Depending on the skill of the photographer the prices will vary. Choose several photographers that you like and compare prices. This should then give you an idea of what is the appropriate price for the quality of photography. You must also consider the fact that although it takes one day to shoot, a lot of time is spent after the wedding processing images and creating the wedding album.



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