Grand Entrance Songs-What Fits Your Style?

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Ahhh, the Grand Entrance at Weddings. For most couples, it’s the jumping off point of the Celebration. Sure, some couples choose not to do an entrance, but the vast majority (unscientifically, ballparky,in my head # would be 85%) of newlyweds still do. If you’re part of my unofficial percentage, these ideas are for you.

Planning Since the Entrance is one of the first memories your guests will have at your Reception, it’s a good idea to put some thought into and make sure it fits what you’d like the mood to be. If you’re a mellow couple, no problem. You can find something that is elegant and fits exactly who you are. If you’re ready to party and an energetic couple, a high energy EDM heavy hitter might be more suitable to you.

Theming A cool memory that you can make for you and your guests is to create a theme for the Entrance. A recent Wedding had a football theme for the Introductions since the Groom was a former Big Ten football player. A Bridesmaid and Groomsman had a Coin Toss to “kick off” the Reception and it was a big hit as I had to narrate what was going on and Emcee the result of the toss. Possibilities for this are endless. Perhaps you love a movie or TV show that is super special to the both of you. You can incorporate the music and even characters from your favorite show or movie and use an Entrance based off of it. Here are some examples of songs that work for a theme. You can play the songs directly via the Playlist below. You’ll need to sign up (free!) or log in to Spotify here.

High Energy Beats If you’re going for a super energetic Entrance, there are so many ways to make it even more special. Low lying fog can create an ultra cool atmosphere. If you’d like cool spotlights on you as you make your Entrance, you can create that with intelligent lighting just like you see during NBA introductions. Most of the examples here are current hits, and some can surely be deemed “cheesy” by this point of the song’s lifespan. So, choose carefully and make it fit YOU! Any of these songs can be edited to hit exactly when you walk in. For example, if you just like the Synth part in “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris, it can be edited for that exact moment. Modern tech at it’s best! You can play the songs directly via the Playlist below. You’ll need to sign up (free!) or log in to Spotify here.

Chill Intro Not as high energy as other couples? No problem. There are plenty of heartfelt songs that will make your Guests remember for how special the feeling was when you walked into the room. Many couples choose to just be introduced as one and do not announce the Bridal party. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with and how you want to set the mood. You can play the songs directly via the Playlist below. You’ll need to sign up (free!) or log in to Spotify here.

Pro Tip Picking songs for each member of the Bridal Party can definitely be done. It’s a great idea but tougher than you think to pull off. I don’t discourage the practice but there are definitely some steps that you have to take to make it flawless. The main drawback is that you really have to practice with your Bridal party and have everyone on the same page. To keep things flowing, each song would have to be edited to approximately 15 seconds or so. So, each person hitting their spot is key so it doesn’t sound or look broken up or choppy. When you factor in that each member of the Bridal party may not be on board with the idea (reality unfortunately) as well as the added pressure of “performing” in front of everyone, it can make it tricky. Just some food for thought if you’re approaching your Intro’s this way!

I hope these tips and music help you out in your music selection process and when you’re thinking of working with a DJ in North Carolina and beyond!!

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