Creating Moments at Your Wedding

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Extrovert. Introvert. Somewhere in between. Whatever you classify yourself as when you’re the Bride & Groom, there’s a style that you have in mind. Whether it be a low key affair or a glitz and glamour Event with stylized Grand Entrances, make your vision come to life.

In this post, let’s talk about some of the most common questions I get when folks are planning their timelines with me. “When should we do the First Dance?” “What about the Toasts?” “What about doing this Dance here?” The answers to these questions are simple-it’s ultimately up to you. Delving deeper though, the bigger question is about the title of this post. What kind of moments do you want to have at your Wedding?

When planning with clients, a large part of my job is to help make the ideas that are in your head into reality. When you don’t plan Events every day, logistics have to be considered. For example, how will Guests hear the Introductions when the Cocktail Hour is in a separate room and you need everyone in the Main Room? An example like that is what gets talked through and figured out in consulting.

So, what do you want to happen after the Grand Entrance? Cut the Cake? Toasts? Here’s something to consider. The Grand Entrance is loud, exciting, and dramatic. You WILL have every guests attention for this moment. It’s also a reality that it will be the only point in the night where everyone’s attention is centered on the both of you. While everyone is standing and cheering, perhaps a quieter moment like the Cake Cutting would be better placed after dinner. You can build on the energy of the Grand Entrance and enter the dance floor as your favorite song is ready and waiting for you to dance to it for the first time. Will a 4 minute song really change your venue or caterer’s plans to get the Cake out to your guests?

How do you handle the “after-dinner” festivities? Ultimately, guests decide when dinner is over all by themselves. No one really finishes eating at the same time, and sometimes there’s a restless energy that starts around 30 minutes after Dinner has been served. People go to the bar. They go for a smoke. They visit other tables. How do you combat this? Some periodic announcements that lets guests know what’s coming up next helps build anticipation and establishes a sense of organization.

After Dinner, you’re never going to get the full attention of every guest again. So, you may want to think again about starting the most important parts of the night like Toasts or the First Dance. Father/Bride and Mother/Groom dances are solid options to consider as you begin to draw attention back to the dance floor. There will be a few people out of the room-it’s the reality of any Event with lots of folks there, but that’s OK.

Whatever your vision, convey it to EVERY vendor. They work for you. If a venue or caterer says they never have Toasts before Dinner, ask them why? Just because it’s “always been done their way” doesn’t mean that you should do it that way. Producing great moments at Weddings takes experience, planning and a team attitude between vendors. Great moments lead to amazing Events!


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