Corporate Event Music Planning

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Holiday parties. Customer Cookouts. Employee Appreciation Parties. Corporate Events can range from small gatherings to large celebrations, and everything in between. Whether you’re an accountant, human resource manager or CEO, music planning probably isn’t your #1 priority during the course of the day. You can help with the mood and vibe with solid music selections that match whatever demographic of people are attending with the help of a DJ who has solid experience in Events like this (insert gratuitous plug, like High Impact Entertainment). So, it’s time for the Tips!

Check Your Ipod At The Door–We all have guilty pleasure songs we love to hear on our drive home or in the shower. My fav genres are either deep chill House or acoustic covers of pop songs when I want to just relax. Whether you like Bjork or Lawrence Welk, it’s a good idea in general to not let your personal music space invade the whole Event playlist. Likewise, it’s usually not a smart idea to have the DJ pick every song played. Collaborate with your DJ and choose songs that fit the type of people who are there. The latest EDM ragers probably won’t go over well at an elegant 50th Anniversary Celebration of a business (unless it’s super late and it’s getting requested). Typically, Corporate gatherings aren’t the place to showcase the newest artists and styles of music. Creating a sense of familiarity for everyone in attendance through music helps break the ice and makes folks feel much more comfortable.

Check Your Flow At the Door–More bad rhyming. Anyway, the flow of almost any Event is super important. You can help the flow of the Event subtly through musical changes and styles. What guests here early will usually differ than what they hear later. Starting off a nice Gala with some Smooth Jazz and then perhaps moving in to some Motown during dinner is a common way to start. Music at the start of Events serves a different purpose than music during dinner, and so on. Make sense? Good!

Let’s talk Demographics–You probably hear radio and TV stations talk about demographics. They usually break them down into 12+ (12 years old and older), 25-34, 35-50, etc. You can also use this information to break down your guest makeup. It helps you and your DJ plan appropriate music. If your key “demo” is mostly 40-50 year olds, their heyday in music was probably the late 70’s and 80’s. If the Event is for a young start-up company, with employees in their 20’s and 30’s, some more recurrent hits will probably be in order.

Entertainment Before DancingAn entertainer before dancing can also help lighten the mood and create a more conducive dancing environment for later in the evening. Depending on your budget, a comedian or magician performing table magic can set the stage for a fun night.

For your next Corporate Event, planning and communication on both ends-client and DJ are paramount. This can help with expectations of the Event, as well as helping with setting the proper mood and vibe-whatever your vision may be!

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